May 9, 2010

|| 56th ||

omaigot, suda ada 55
and this's the 56th post!

i m wnderg, how old m i?
how much hv i gone thrgh?
n how did i do all of it?

it seems like having gourmet on a fine day,
a week later, u'll frget everything..
and it makes u browse everything back..

from the first post- somebody's me,
until the latest one- ayob's tag..

i fell in love with this blog,
for sheltering me when i m too fragile..
for listening me when others couldnt...
for carving a smile on my teary face..

and for this 56th post...
it is only for my blog of life,
wanita yg lebih berharga dr segalanya..
wanita yg keringatnya seharum kasturi syurga..
wajahnya seindah bidadari syurga..

my beloved mother- Rosmina Mat Ali - Selamat Hari Ibu..

p/s- semoga mak akan baca post ni stu hr nnt..=)

1 comment:

Imran Muiz said...

hahha, rindu lak kt iqmal. best doh borak gn dia. .

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