Oct 28, 2010

|| the star in the dark sky ||

my dearest blog, u re my belog..

i love you, just like how i love to sleep banyak2..


i am writing,

i am sitting on my 'butt-aching' chair,

like yesterdays,

but tonight,

the sting of vanishing the 3 years memories made the ache feels too painful,

and it is harder when

many of the journeys have permanently carved on your body my dearest belog,

yap..it is a sacrifice, and surely, it is painful for you too.

yet, it is a lost; a huge one.

i am not really sure of everything..

For the belog and the 3 years memories,

you are part of my life, and you will always be..

thank you for being my teacher,my sister-my brother, my friend, and my listener.


bukan penggoda said...

you are most welcome. keh keh keh.

siddiq, rinduw~ weeee.

siddiq said...

hahhaha.my pleasure<<---- gile ke?? hahah. sile kol saye ye kalu rindu, gne talian bebas tol

norillyas hussin said...


bukan penggoda said...

bwt ape klw kol tp xagkt, ye dak?

siddiq said...

ilyas-ape, hambar kan mus.pur td.haha

penggoda-ekeleh,bape kali ngat aku x agkat tepon,ko yg kerek, da ramai skendel la katekan=(

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