Nov 4, 2010

|| remuk redam ||

*ade tangan mcam xde.bodo*
satu lgi post emo. jgn baca, i just wanna talk to my belog.

just now, i knew, and i realized,
i ve never been anything and i ve never give anything and i ve never do anything for u before.
-then, singing made me feel better.

so, this evening, i tried the best to do something,
i dropped out my habit, i dumped my laziness,
i was really trying,
but still, i was failed, it was still some shits for you.
just because i am the useless me, and i ll be always looked like that,
and i am nothing better than the person u hated before.

i am truely, honestly sorry, deeply apologize for these whole difficulties i ve done.


Ayie a.k.a Nyei said...


siddiq said...

nape ayie? nak lmpang?<< feeling2 emo lg.hhehehe

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