Dec 21, 2010

|| Goodbye ||

Dear xDOx,

I leave you
Even when i don't really have enough of you,
Even when the feels are more difficult than the first time i tried you,
Even when i understand that you are the best event of my life,
because sometimes, you just have to let it go,
and it is just happened.

Say me crazy, say me selfish.Live your life without me. Start the new adventure. Be strong, be shine, just like the way you looked when we first started. You can do a lot better.

Untuk setiap dengung tawa engkau pecahkah, aku gemakan suara penghargaan,
Untuk setiap derai air mata engkau titiskan, aku hujankan rintih kebahagiaan,
Untuk setiap detik indah engkau imbaskan,aku lipat aku simpan jadi sejarah emas berlian,
dan hadiah engkau yang paling berharga,
untuk setiap nafas jiwa sahabat engkau nyawakan, aku mohon dibawa ke syurga.

Sorry for leaving, it is for the best-for you and for me.

Good Bye xDOx.
With love,

Somebody's me (02-10)
27th November 2010


Anonymous said...

hope u won't regret with ur decision... =)

siddiq said...

insyaallah, i wont=)

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