Apr 28, 2011

|| multimulti ||


too much.
enduring them seemed difficult. but i will give a try.


i am staying
for you are everything.

Apr 20, 2011

|| longing ||

it's something you don't wanna talk about
it's something you don't believe
it's something killing you from inside
it's something you wish to end
it's emotion

Apr 8, 2011

|| Dreamer ||

listen to the song of destiny,
go deep into the lyrics,
play your fingers with the melodies,
sleep by the rhythms,
then dream will hold you in the arm and tell you everything's alright.

Apr 7, 2011

it's okay, it's alright

everything will be fine.

when the night fades,
everything will be alright.

after tonight,
everything will be alright.

i wish, the memory wont fade together with the night.
hurt me, but dont leave.

|| chat ||