May 14, 2011

|| end of seventh ||

recently, before sleep, the thinking of the life which i lived for the past 20 years keeps crossing my mind.

it's kind of torture when you are wondering either what you have done and what you have gone through were something you deserved and rightful or not. It is harder when you think that they were not regrets, but, the way they assembled can't be called as muhasabah.

Sometimes, letting everything go seems so easy, but behind the scene, it is full of struggles and courage. Struggles to keep the soul strong and courage to stand on your mind.

Tomorrow will be the last day, last paper for this semester. When it ended, i wish for everything to be at its rightful place. For any feelings and things that should go,you got to go. For ones that should stay, stay quietly , be warm and calm. No more mess, no more agony.

As usual, end of semester is a point of separation
-I will miss all of you and the time we spend together, you will always be a part of my life's chapters-

May 9, 2011

|| tujuh tiada tubuh ||

ber-dalam pedih diiras gagak,
berperit lagi irasan rekaan,
berdesing pilu rekaan merak,
berdesir desir darah syaitan,
dibiar pergi bergadai mahu,
dibasuh hanyut air amarah,
dikhianat iman khianat tinggalan.

|| chat ||