Jun 28, 2011

|| It's Your Birthday:) ||

Dear Sparta,

when I teased you in the classroom 5 years ago,
-as I was sitting at your back watching your teammates,
I still didn't know,

when I received your school's 'postcard',
-as it was what we did as school-ers,
I started to think,

when we met again the next 3 years,
-as you shouted me at the dinner,
I got the sense to believe,

we are destined,

whatever it is called,
now I know it is forever:)

Happy birthday chingu, chumun, cheongchwija, keula ieo, modu ttoneun mueos-ideunji:)
I wish you the liveliest life of life.thanks for being around:)

p/s: jgan buat inesen sgt la, kau x inesen so jangan buat2 x geli dgn post ni (but who cares??) :p


bukan penggoda said...

weh. aku terharu gila! T___________T

norillyas hussin said...

so sweet~~~~~~~~~

Siddiq Mahyildin said...


bukan penggoda said...

tp serius aku x phm ape yg ko tules tu. translate pls.

Siddiq Mahyildin said...

mana bleh, ko pun xpenah translate mende yg ko ckp!haha. x aci x aci

Alexandriana Alia said...

i dun care... but I loike. hahaha

Siddiq Mahyildin said...


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