Aug 2, 2011

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From the evening class-

I am sure that i am not a racist. If there's any racism word came from me, it should just be not serious-just kidding sayings.

But today, in the Malawi Studio class, i found that the perception i had on this one group of people is actually not really right.

Why? They were too insecure, they presented their works like people are harassing them (which was not), they treated questions like the questions are insulting them (which was not).

However, i am not a stereotypist, or generalist, but for them (actually for the 'introducer' and 'conclusioner' mainly), who made me slightly changed my perception on your people, please, don't be one of the person who keeps making this land planted with dissatisfactions, hatred and doubts.

Please, accept diversity, and when there is diversity, certain things need to be maintained to keep it diverse. As a friend (Munir) said, how much is enough? When it is enough for you, i fear that it wont be enough for others; then till when? Lets just live, and die peacefully.


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