Dec 30, 2011

|| makna ||

Life is complex. There’s nothing except for uncertainties.

Life is simple. We just need to live. It’s no longer about how long we stay living, it’s about how much we embrace the meaning of being alive.

As sometimes we think that something isn’t fair; when it isn’t turning the way we desired, we are essentially being unfair for not accepting things fated in life.
Setiap dugaan yang disusur adalah anugerahNya buat menghapus dosa hambaNya yang lemah, membuka mata pencari hidayah, menyuluh jalan hidup agar punya hikmah.

-I wish it won’t be any 100th. If the wish is not granted, I wish I will forget .I wish we will. I wish none of us being hurt. Zero suffering-


Imran Muiz said...

Siddiq, may God bless you always!

Siddiq Mahyildin said...

thanks muiz, sorry again x smpt nak lepak2 sgt

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