Jan 2, 2013

|| One of Few Endings ||

This ending deserves a record. So I am writing after long for this ending; a beautiful ending, a wonderful journey.

Tiada apa memulakan, suka suka, tidak ada mengharap, sekadar mencuba, kau aku diterima. Mak mulutnya masin, katanya, kalau kau bersusah, biasanya kau dapat. Aku redah banjir lepas balik dari Educamp. Apa yang tidak susah?

It was a bit rough at start,  being in PE, with no one with me. Then, met several other guys, they eased the path. Tapi ini bukan apa yang aku hajatkan. Tapi aku teruskan.

I made a big decision, I chose PG. It transformed my life. A place where I belongs. Until now. I ended as one of the Pioneers of this program. And now. I am leaving.

I always know am leaving. The same feeling overwhelmed me during 2007, struck me again. It feels hard to leave, but this is life,we are moving further into our own path every single second. I always know this is going to happen, but I never be ready for this. I wish this whole thing won't pain me too much. 

I know when I am at home, the first day I wake up or even the next days after, I am gonna miss a lot of thing. A text of a friend inviting me for lunch, a free will of waking up or not to go to class, or whatever! Everything! It's the moment, the scents, the scenes! 

I have a lot to say, I have a lot to remember, I wish I will never forget. I wish I don't have to cry a tear, I wish  it shouldn't be this painful. But, the only reason of this happening is because it is too beautiful, and I don't have any regret choosing this path. 

This is a period that taught me the meaning of life and what's inside, introduced me to my own-self, connecting me to people in a beautiful friendship, and overwhelming with various sensations and lot of other thing.

From start until the end, I met a lot of wonderful people, who shared the laughter, sorrow, pahit, manis. Aku cintakan moments bersama mereka. Aku sematkan nama mereka kemas kemas dalam hati aku, mereka bukan kenangan bagi aku, they will always be a piece of me, accompanying my life until the last breath of mine. Terimakasih Yang Mengatur for giving me this chance. Terima kasih.




Muiz Abidin said...

Gonna miss you so much after this, sorry for everything, thanks also for everything.

nourel A said...

dah belajar ker? tahniah

Siddiq Mahyildin said...

@muizabidin @nourel thanks too :)

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