Feb 27, 2013

|| Purpose ||

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When we talk about purpose, we are looking for a point where an ending have to lay. But it is different with life. There’s no end. And what is the reason? Many. Different man, different reason.

Purpose. Everything lies on the other, and the other lies on the other others, and the list continues. A flower might grow for the bees to collect honey for human. Human get the nutrition, they live; some are gardening, grow the flowers. Oh, sound like a purpose. Yet it’s a lot more than this, it ain’t a simple cycle like this, the chains are more complex.

I wish I would know mine. I wish I could write more about this. I just couldn’t. Not because I am not sure of what I am gonna write, I just don’t wanna confuse anyone. Everybody deserves to have their own purpose, and deserve to be purposeless if they wish. This is pointless. I just need to have this note to help me reminisce later with what I deserve at this point of time. May I will not have Alzheimer so this note will kick something in my mind.

Just watched 50/50, I wish all people and me will not have to have cancers, or any kind of terminal illnesses, or any illnesses, or accidents. I just can’t figure out how to be strong enough. 

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